Welcome to Lewisham Voices

This is a collaborative site for Lewisham people to remember and share their lives and personal histories. Many of the images and personal recollections have been gathered from individuals and groups who took part in the Lewisham Voices project. They have been compiled from the family albums and stories of people who live, work or are involved in community activities in the borough. Together they give a fascinating insight into some of the memories and experiences, happy and sad, that help to make Lewisham what it is today.

You can add your own contribution in several ways -

  • By using 'Add a new page' to create your own content on this wiki
  • You can also email contributions to us at ku.vog.mahsiwel|seiduts.lacol#ku.vog.mahsiwel|seiduts.lacol
  • You can post them to Lewisham Heritage, Lewisham Library, 199-201 Lewisham High Street, London SE13 6LG
  • You can drop them off at any local library in Lewisham. Please mark them for the Lewisham Heritage team.

All the information provided will be also be added to the borough archives.


The original Lewisham Voices was a collaboration between the Museum of London and the Library and Information Service of the London Borough of Lewisham. This wiki is being developed to take the project forward and make Lewisham Voices a living archive.

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