Angela Jackson

Angela Jackson

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Growing up

"I was born at the Mother and Baby Hospital in Woolwich in 1942. I was a very premature baby and I wasn't expected to live more than a few hours, so my mum called the priest and I was baptised at about an hour old.

I didn't progress very well, and they expected me to die, but I didn't. But what was decided in that hospital was that I was too difficult for my mum to look after at that time, so they decided that it was a good idea for me to go to a convalescing home somewhere in Bournemouth.

My earliest memories of that, and I would guess of about a three years old are, saying "Where's my Mum, where's my Mum?" and asking "Why these big gates? Why can't I get out, why can't I get out!"

"My schooling was very little, very little. It always seemed to be in corridors and things like that. They said that I wasn't teachable in a lot of cases. But eventually I managed with some help, somewhere around the age of ten.

There used to be a school at Plassy Road on the one-way system, and I actually went there as long as I could before it was pulled down. I eventually went to Haseltine, having been told at Elfrida school which is on the Bellingham estate, that they couldn't have me in that class because I was holding everybody back or what ever was wrong, I don't really know.

My real schooling happened at Sedgehill School on the Bellingham estate, and I had 18 months there, with remedial tuition, with a special teacher. When I left school I had the ability to read quite a lot, but I didn't have the ability to write down an awful lot.

But I persevered, and with my oldest sister's help, who I am quite close to, she managed to help me. Eventually I had to leave school because my parents needed some money."

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