Flo Rabson

The wedding of Brian and Flo Rabson, St Barnabus Church, Downham, 1953

Getting married

"I chose the dress and had it made for me by a lady. The skirts were in net and because we did embroidery at the firm where I worked, the top half was covered in beads all beaded.

It was taken in pieces to the lady so that she could make the dress up in pieces. She made the dress and she also made my sisters' dresses for the bridesmaids she made all of them. It was very cheap really because it was mostly net, and silk underneath, it looked nice but it wasn't expensive. The flowers they were nice, they were blue hyacinths and little white flowers, all blue and white flower made into a little bouquet.

The reception was held at the Downham Tavern and we had a hot meal for about 40 people which cost four and sixpence per head. We came back after the reception at about 10 o'clock and we all came back to the house.

Our first night together we slept in one room with three girls all in the same room. Brian made so much snoring, and they teased me about his snoring and I thought Oh God! I'm going to have to put up with this for the rest of my life! It was terrible snoring! We were all sleeping in the same room; no one could believe that we all slept together in the same room, nobody!."

Free time


Members of the Downham Harriers Athletics Club, 1933

"The Downham Harriers was an amateur athletic club before the war. It all started from the school days at Rangefield School and Mr Simmons trained them up at Forster Park.

My brother used to train there, because it was 400 yards all the way round. It was mostly boys from Downham Estate, my brother was captain and he had a badge for captain.

When he won, my brother came home with prizes like a grandmother's clock, a case with a pewter set and tea set, all sorts of things, which they won. Of course they all used to come back to our house because it was always open house, and everyone used to come back there, all his friends, girls and boys alike, and it was good fun!."

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