Garry Jackson

Garry Jackson, Durham Hill Secondary School, 1957

Table of Contents

Growing up

"When I was quite young, and during the '50's there were more cinemas, the ABC which is still going, it was called the Plaza then, on the site of Eros House, that was where the Hippodrome Theatre was I think, and a cinema next to it.

There were 3 cinemas in Catford and going towards Lewisham was the Prince of Wales, I think it's a decorating place now, and there was the Lewisham Odeon, and one called the Rex. They seemed to be always full in the days before anybody had television.

My Mum and Dad didn't get a television until quite late. I think it was 1960 that they got theirs. We used to go the cinema once a week and sometimes twice, and I'd look in the paper to read avidly what was on and where. I think at first, when we got a television, we watched practically everything, all the plays. I suppose over the years we ended up not going to the cinema so much and that dying off.

Also as a boy without television, I'd listen to different programmes on the radio, and dad ran a speaker from their radio wireless to my bed, and I'd listen in bed. Before television, the radio featured day and evening."

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