Krishna Sood

Krishna Sood, in India before she was married, 1960

Table of Contents

Growing up

"My father used to say, if you can give a child an education, this is the best thing in child's life. Because if you give money, or jewellery, or even a house, time comes if they do not look after those things, they can disappear or be stolen. But education is such a thing, that if you give to the child, it remains with the child up to his last breath.

I felt the same, with my two sons, that they should get the best education which we can provide, although it was difficult to provide the education, it was very expensive."

Daily Life


The Sood family on holiday at the Taj Mahal, Agra, India, 1987

"We felt that that should see India more. We went over there, they liked India and when they were asked what they liked, they said "love and warmth" when we meet our people there, the affection we get from our relations.

So second time, when they were grown up a bit more, we are talking 1987, we thought this time we would give priority to visit relations as well as show them the places.

On their return, friends asked them how did they like it, and they said, "Would you like to go back and settle there?" They said, "No not for settling, only for visiting."

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