Ros Williams

Ros Williams having Christmas dinner at home with friends, Lewisham, 1997

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Daily Life

"At 392 where we live, Grove Park where we live. Fred lives there. We live in a shared house with people. Fred lives there, we live there. I know most of them I do. I don't live with my family. Shared house, I got me own room. I do everything, I do me own washing. They do it for us, they do it - the cooking, Joyce does it, Joyce does it there. I done some rice last night, I made some rice I did. There's only Fred and Dawn there, and me, that's all, little Dawn.

Fish and chips is my favourite food. Sometimes they go round and serve the others first, fish and chips we got today.

Before, I lived at Grove Park Hospital where the corridors is, where the corridors is. You had to walk right down the corridors. We lived there before, up in my own room, upstairs. Darenth Park before. Knocked down now."

Free time

Ros talks to Julia Honess about singing and performing with Charles Hayward and John Edwards in the Broadway Theatre Bar, Catford.

Ros quote:

"I was singing with Charles. We listen to each other, and join in. That's what we do. There was loads of people, loads of people join in, and clapping their hands, loads of people clapping their hands. Loads of people clapping. Lots of people join in… "

[Julia: I really liked that, when you were singing, you looked out into the street and it was as if you brought the whole street in!]

Ros continues…

"….Looking out the window watching the buses, they stop where the lights are, they stop where the lights are, loads of people was going across the road, the people was going across the road. When the cars stopped they did. When loads of cars stopped they did. They was going to cross the road. The room and crossing the road, yeah!

Afterwards, up in the bar they do, buying their own drinks they do, they go buy their food and cake they do. They gave us loads of cake they do, they gave us a bit of it to eat. Somebody was leaving there, a leaving party from the arts office."

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