Vidya Bagga

Vidya and Pushpa Bagga with friends in Greenwich Park, 1960

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Coming to England

"I came to England in 1964. I travelled from Bombay to Iraq, by ship, by sea ship, and then on from there. In Iraq I had a friend who gave me £25 to buy a ticket, Orient Express that cost me only £25.

So with that ticket I travelled all over Europe, and I would get in any time, any place I like, and get down at any place I like from that train. It was for one month. It was fantastic, you know what I had done.

With the money I had, I would buy bread, honey and butter, so on my way I saw all the places in Italy, Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, so all those places I walked around. I enjoyed my journey so much, it was really out of the blue, you know, such an interesting journey.

I told Pushpa my wife, that I would call her in 6 months time. My father-in-law said, "You got a good job, why you bother to go to England?". I said "No. I don't like the things here". I remember her look when she came to see me off at the station, and she was a little bit apprehensive that I am going away that I will be lost forever. So I did call her on the 1st of May, and so she came over here with my youngest daughter."

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