Winston Green
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Daily Life

"I live in Catford Hill. I get the bus, I get the 75 to the Narborhood Centre, or I can get the 202.

I go to the Monday Club on a Monday, and I go to the Tuesday Club on a Tuesday. Monday Club is up Leemore, and the Tuesday Club is up Grove Park. Wednesday I stay in doors.

Thursday, I do Up Roar! on a Thursday. Up Roar! is a band. We do music. I do singing, I play an instrument, and I play the bongos. We're making another CD at Easter! Our first CD was called "Father Time, Mother Earth".

I've always liked music. My favourite is reggae music. I like football too. Bob Marley, UB40, Aswad. I live with my Mum and Dad, and my Dad, he puts the record player on and he plays sort of old time reggae.

I used to be in a choir in a church. I go to King's Church, Catford, near me, my Mum goes. We sing hymns like "He's Got the Whole World in his Hands" and "Amazing Grace"."

Free time

It's a pop group, called Up Roar! We practice in the hall at the Narborhood Centre. We do it with staff and they sing, Ben plays keyboard and guitar. I do singing, I play an instrument, and I play the bongos.

My Mum and Dad came to see me, they thought very good, they come, but not all the time. I met Michael Barrymore once. I sang in a shopping centre, at Blue Water. I performed at the Dome! Yes we did! It was big, they looked after us, they treated us well.

I went to Germany to do a show over there. It was called "Large", and I sang with another group called Heart 'n' Soul.

At Heart 'n' Soul, we all write the words to the songs, we all do. I listen to the tapes and that helps me to remember the words when I perform on stage.

"Skinny White Cat" is one of the songs we sing. It's about a cat, and the cat is me. And this song is called "Skinny White Cat", which is me! A mean cat!

Skinny white cat. He's a wild cat
He's a wonderful cat
Skinny white cat. He's a wild cat
Gimme that, gimme this. Gimme that, gimme this
Skinny white cat. He's a wild cat!
Now you listen to me all you people out there.
This song is called Skinny White Cat, so you'd better watch out!
Black one, white one, skinny white cat
Black one, white one, skinny one cat
You know what he looks like? A cat!
Gimme that, gimme this
Gimme that, gimme this
He wants some more!"

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