How to do oral history

History is all around us - in our own families and communities, in the living memories and experiences of older people. History is not just facts, big events and famous people, it is the ordinary lives of ordinary people - people like ourselves. Oral history fills in the gaps and tells us what it was like to experience everyday life.

Unfortunately as people die so do their memories, and if we don't record people's life histories then they are lost forever. Recording the voices of Lewisham people will help us to ensure that a record of life as it was lived in the borough will be compiled and made available to all.

Everyone can be an oral historian. People can use this wiki to record their own memories, or you can interview someone and record their memory for them. These pages offer some guidance on what you need to think about in doing this.

  1. What is oral history
  2. The interview
  3. Asking questions
  4. Recording answers
  5. Forms - useful ways of recording details
  6. Writing up
  7. Useful sources of information
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